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User Manual

Drome doctor user manual is an easy accessible guide to doctors journey on drome app. 

1.0 Introduction

Welcome to the Drome app. Drome is a cloud based “SaaS” platform designed by doctors to manage their clinical work and give their patients a smooth experience. The Drome app is here to help every doctor, whether you are trying to manage appointments, e-prescriptions, follow patient health indicators or access medical records and data. You may learn about the features and operations of the app using this user manual.

Family Physician - Drome Health

2.0 System Requirements​

This app requires a device running Windows 7 or later version.
Note: Drome application cannot work without an active internet

2.0.1 Primary Requirements​

  • The app is compatible with the operating system used by doctors, such as Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.
  • Drome App meets industry-standard security and privacy requirements, including data encryption, user authentication and secure communication protocols.
  • Drome app require a stable internet connection to function properly. This may include the need for Wi-Fi, cellular data or a wired internet connection
  • The application is compatible with input devices commonly used by physicians, such as a keyboard, mouse, stylus, touch screen, and front-facing camera.
  • The app is designed to be readily updated and maintained, with clear instructions for clinicians on how to execute updates and address potential concerns.

2.0.2 Secondary Requirements

  • App allows physicians to print electronic prescriptions and invoices; however, a printer is required for optimal use.

3.0 Getting Started

Visit and click on “Login/Signup” in the website’s header. New doctors can register on the app by clicking “doctor signup,” whereas existing doctors can log in directly using the username number provided during registration.

4.0 User Interface​

The app’s user interface is divided into 10 major sections:

  1. View / Update Profile
  2. Families Under Care
  3. Sign Up
  4. Doctor(s)
  5. Configuration
  6. Appointments
  7. Prescription(s) My
  8. List
  9. Member information
  10. My Notes(s)
  11. Messaging Service
  12. Settings
Family Physician - Drome Health

5.0 Features and Function

  • Appointment Booking – The Appointments feature permits Doctor to create and manage appointments. One can define the doctor, date, time, duration and location of an appointment.
  • Patient Management – Doctors / Coordinators can upload and maintain clinical information, such as their contact information, medical history and upcoming visits.
  • E- Prescription – Doctors can generate e prescriptions and share those prescriptions via the Drome app 
  • Plans – Through the Drome app, physicians can directly share their payment plans to members. 
  • Invoicing – The doctor can make invoice for an appointment and send it to the members
  • Messaging – On the drome app, doctors can send messages and create groups with members.
  • Virtual consultation – Doctors can consult members on video consultation
  • Link Coordinators – Doctors can link coordinators who can manage the clinic and doctors’ prescriptions. 

6.1 View/Update Profile

view update profile

6.1.0 View/Update Profile

Most of the required fields are marked with a red asterisk and can be completed by doctors to complete their profile.
Note: Without completing the required fields (red asterisks), the entered value cannot be submitted.

6.1.1 Consultation Details

For activating / deactivating the messaging service
• Showing your willingness to work as a family doctor.
• Sharing the Google Meet Link for your virtual consultations.
• Sharing your UPI ID and/or payment QR code so that you can accept online payments.

6.1.2 Other Instruction

To determine the types of consultations you wish to conduct and the associated fees, as well as whether you will offer pre-paid, post-paid, or both consultations

6.2 Families Under Care

Families under care

This section is helpful for family doctors. They can view a list of the families under their care, along with the enrollment date.

6.3 Sign-ups

Member signup

6.3.1 Member Sign-up

To register members who have arrived in clinic but who have not yet been registered on Drome (Doctors clinic coordinator can also do it).

Note : To register a minor (under the age of 18), a doctor or coordinator must sign up a custodian.*

*There will be a field for adding a custodian where the registered custodian should be entered.

6.3 Sign-ups

Member signup

6.3.2 CC Signup​​

Clinic Coordinator can manage the doctor’s configuration section, appointments, calendar and clinic operations. Doctor can register their clinic coordinator if he/she has not already done so.

Note : A doctor can have multiple clinic coordinators and a clinic coordinator can oversee multiple physicians.

6.3 Sign-ups

Link Clinic Coordinator

6.3.3 Link Coordinator

If Clinic Coordinator is already registered on drome app, doctor can simply link him/her up in this section.

6.4.1 Degree/Training/Fellowship

Doctors can submit details about their education and training, making it simpler for members to gain information about the doctor they are interested in. 

6.4 Doctors Configuration

Doctors training and fellowship

6.4.2 Doctors Availability

This section can be used to show your availability at various hospitals on various days of the week.

6.4 Doctors Configuration

Doctors Availability

6.4.3 Doctors Availability

You can enter your clinic address (can be left blank if you practice at multiple locations), contact details, Signature and your logo*. The fields with red asterisk are important to fill.

*Your Logo will replace the “Drome logo” and will be printed on the prescription with your logo.

6.4 Doctors Configuration

Doctors Availability

6.4.2 Doctors Availability

You can enter your clinic address (can be left blank if you practice at multiple locations), contact details, Signature and your logo*.
*Your Logo will replace the “Drome logo” and will be printed on the prescription with your logo.

6.4 Doctors Configuration

Doctors Availability

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