Importance of Tele Medicine

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From searching for symptoms online to getting medicines delivered to your doorstep without getting out of your house, everything is a few clicks away. Now, with tele medicine, technology has made healthcare convenient.

Tele medicine refers to the ways in which people can communicate with their doctors about non-emergency medical problems while not being in the same room. It might be through phone calls, video chats, text messages, etc. making it easier for both the patient as well the doctor.

How is Telemedicine convenient?

In modern healthcare, the role of telemedicine lies at the convenience it offers to the patients and the physicians by preventing the necessity for a physical visit to urge medical advice or treatment. It does not replace face-to-face consultations when needed but rather complements it. It is also cost effective and safe as compared to visiting your physician and sitting in a germ-filled waiting room.
Telemedicine is of immense value in the follow-up of patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol or high vital signs. Patients who aren’t experiencing any immediate medical problem but need help with dosage adjustments, lifestyle regimens, prescription refills or even access to group support, can benefit from the convenience of telemedicine.
An added convenience is that telemedicine consultations are often arranged to follow all needed laboratory investigations or sign monitoring. In fact, telemedicine has been practiced by doctors for a long time. Also, the accessibility of internet technology has made both audio and video calls affordable and available to a wider spectrum of society, making this a feasible alternative to the traditional system

Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine requires no significant outlay aside from an internet camera and a secure patient portal that connects the doctor to a secured electronic medical history database online. This sort of system makes sure the safety of the private information discussed during a telemedicine call, while also providing the doctor with the power to store necessary medical records.
Telemedicine is convenient as it decreases waiting time, provides access to high-quality diagnosis and treatment, at lower cost as compared to most other medical consultations. The ready availability of patient records online has the possibility to form patient prescriptions more reliable and accurate. Finally, it produces improved health outcomes, which should be the first goal of all health services.

Drome & Telemedicine

Drome has a team of skilled doctors and professional physicians using telemedicine in Gurgaon to provide care more efficiently. Drome aims to provide you a general physician at your home and try to be your first point of contact for any health-related issues with reduced health care costs. We focus on offering our patients immediate access to our doctors who provide medical advice as well as prescribed medicines.
Because of telemedicine, patients can now consult our physicians online without leaving their home. Children and senior citizens, who are at risk of getting infected, can get their diagnosis by talking to our doctors on video call. We offer a special plan for senior citizens which is very appropriate and cost-effective. By availing our various plans, individuals, families, Sr Citizens can schedule a consultation during a work break or even after their work hours. Our plans offer economic and easy solutions to your medical needs.
Drome shall provide a cloud-based secured data storage for storing all your medical records electronically in the next few months. These can be shared with our doctors which can help in proper and fast diagnosis and treatment.
Doctors at Drome make healthcare easy and economical by initiating home visits, tele consultations, electronic health records and much more and thus providing you with a family doctor.

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