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The Teleconsultation connects doctors and patients.

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The Drome is conceived by a group of Doctors from different specialties and professionals. Who have come together to bring the culture of Family Physician back into practice.

There is no specific time, Doctors will always give you and your family an appropriate time for consultation, as per requirement.

Yes. When booking a te, you can specify the patient details and clarify details of the services’ beneficiary.

All our Drome Family Physicians are doctors from the Allopathic stream of medicine & have State / Central Medical registrations to prescribe legally valid prescriptions for medicines that are considered necessary for treatment. 

Yes, you wont be charged ₹100 for asking minor doubts during teleconsultation. We at drome, ensure that healthcare is affordable for everyone however our physicians will only charge you teleconsultation price only if a prescription is generated .

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