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From Humble Beginnings to Healthcare Pioneers: Our Journey to Transform Lives

Affordable Healthcare

Who We Are

Healthcare - Simplified For Everyone...


To create an inclusive healthcare platform, integrating diverse medical professionals, services, and systems to provide comprehensive, personalized healthcare solutions to our members.


Bridge the gap amidst Healthcare interactions by Universalising Personal Care, Technology & Analytics, to aid the masses to formulate their template for a healthy and prosperous life.


To cultivate an empathetic bond between the custodians and the beneficiaries of healthcare on the foundations of Compassion, Integrity, Communication & Sustainable Accessibility.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for riding the Startup Wave, Invest in Drome


Health sector is Recession proof sector.

Team -

Drome is envisioned by Qualified and experienced team.


Seed Funding / Angel investment are known to reap the Best ROI.

Scalability -

Once validated, Rapidly scalable in various territories.

Meet The Team

Dr. Anurag Sharma

Founder & CEO

Rooted in visionary leadership, the founder charts the organization’s path, blending pioneering ideas with pragmatic solutions to shape the future.

Dr. Vikrant


From foundational work in primary health centers to roles in top-tier corporate hospitals, offers a diverse and rich breadth of experience.

Dr. (Col) Sumit Arora


Steeped in the discipline and rigor of the armed forces, he brings a structured, tactical approach to healthcare leadership and innovation.


Tech Lead

Armed with comprehensive full-stack expertise, he drive technological innovation, bridging the gap between vision and digital execution.

Richa Mohan Yogesh

Lead Operations

Equipped with a deep operational acumen, she steer the course, ensuring seamless integration between strategy and on-ground delivery.”

Making healthcare affordable for all

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