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Your health journey, simplified and integrated.

Key Features

One Platform for all your healthcare needs

Drome Sign Up provides Personalized, Secure and Complete Healthcare access on fingertips to make it easier for members to connect with their clinicians for appointments, getting investigations done, ordering medications and
maintaining medical records.


Go paperless with E-Prescriptions & Save environment.


Everything in healthcare on one platform for you and your family.

Records Keeping

Separate Medical records for all family members.


Book appointment for your medical consultations .

Medical Streams

Choose b/w Allopathic & Traditional Systems(AYUSH).

In app Messaging

Secure Messages with your doctor conveniently


Take Control of the health of complete family.

Hassle-Free Start



Create account as a member in drome healthcare universe.



Login to your account and complete your profile info.



Begin exploring unified healthcare at your fingertips.

Healthcare: A Journey, Not a Destination

We believe healthcare is an ongoing journey, a constant dialogue between you and your body. Whether you’re managing an existing condition, seeking preventative care, or simply wishing to maintain your health, our platform provides comprehensive and coordinated healthcare services to guide you on this journey.

Together, We Weave the Fabric of Health

Register on our platform, explore our array of services, upload your personal health records, book appointments, book medicines & lab local

Health Resources For Members


ABHA ID is a valuable tool that can help you to improve your healthcare experience. It is a secure and portable digital identity that can be used to access healthcare services across the country.

Covid Vaccination

A COVID-19 vaccination certificate is a document issued by GOI, which proves that  you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Click the button below to download your vaccination certificates.

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Discover the future of healthcare at your fingertips. 

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