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Get your Lab or Diagnostic Service listed on Drome – India’s fastest growing health care platform. You are now 1 click away from bringing your lab online.

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Announce your presence in hyper-local environment on Drome. Get the visibility your lab needs and deserves by being at the right place at the right time.

You are just a click away

from digitizing your Lab / Diagnostic Service

Drome is on a mission to democratize the online space for all Stakeholders in health care. We have built a platform wherein one can build their online presence effortlessly.M

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If you think you are limited by resources or marketing strategy to take your business online, you are in for a surprise!


Drome takes your lab online in minutes, where it will be visible to patients from all over.


Having online presence and building online trust is a necessity. Climb the online ladder with Drome!


Respond to queries from patients easily on the Drome app and help patients get the care they need by reaching them where they are.