Hospitals & Polyclinics

Countless patients and their families in your area look for hospitals on Drome. Get in front of them along with digitizing your complete operations in 1-go!

Key Features

Single Platform for Hospitals

A one-stop platform that connects you to a spectrum of healthcare services – all tailored to your needs.


Create Appointment for Patients visiting your hospital

Offers & Offerings

Offer Loyalty Discounts & attract repeat visits to your hospital.

EMR for Outpatients

Hospitals can upload EMR of patients visiting their respective hospitals.

In app Messaging

Secure Messaging with patients by admins dashboard

Hassle-Free Start



Create admin account for hospital in drome healthcare universe.



Login to your account and complete your profile info.



Begin exploring unified healthcare at your fingertips.

Reach your target audience at the Right Time & Place

Drome is a central repository which lists Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies all over India, making it simple for patients to find the right fit at the comfort of their mobiles. Patients can also book and You can now leverage the opportunity by having your hospital and doctors on Drome in 1-click !

Digitize and automate “your hospital”

It doesn’t just stop at the brand presence, Drome also equips you with a state-of-the-art hospital management software which will help you automate every part of your hospital. On top of that, you can manage everything from 1 dashboard !

Digital Prescriptions with your Branding, for Outpatient Care.

Drome digital platform allows you to digitize your prescriptions and give your patients an option to store all their medical records in 1-repository (including outpatient). Patients can choose any testing facility and still use your software for storing the records.

Unlock Seamless Healthcare with Our App

Discover the future of healthcare at your fingertips. 

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