Family Physicians :
The Heart of Comprehensive Healthcare

Connect, consult, and collaborate for holistic health solutions.

Key Features

Single App For Managing Your Medical Practice

Family Physicians can make use of all the features of app to manage their clinic and book appointments.


Appoint Clinic Coordinators to support your practice.


Labs & Pharmacies for convenience your patients.

Records Keeping

Maintain records of all referred patients on Drome platforms.


Book appointment for your patients anytime

Clinic Statistics

Get detailed statistical trends of your practice.

In app Messaging

Message your patients anytime , anywhere on drome app.


Create Prescriptions by saving templates on Drome platform.

Hassle-Free Start



Create account as a family physician in drome healthcare universe



Create Admin profile for your role(s) & add assistants for their role(s).



Begin exploring unified healthcare at your fingertips & effortlessly​​.

Seamless Appointment Management

Efficiently manage your appointments without the hassles. Our system ensures that every member interaction is organised, reminded, and easily adjustable to fit unexpected changes. No more missed appointments or double bookings. Streamline your practice, optimise your time.

Access to Member Health Records with Privacy Controls

Your members’ health data is invaluable. Access comprehensive health records when you need them and rest assured with top-tier privacy controls in place. With our platform, member health information is both accessible and secure, allowing you to offer care that’s informed and trustworthy.

E-Prescription: Digital, Dynamic, and Direct

Transition to the future of healthcare documentation with E-Prescriptions. Our platform offers an efficient, eco-friendly, and error-reduced means of prescribing treatments for your members. Instantly send, modify, and store prescriptions at the touch of a button, ensuring your members have swift access to their medications.

Unlock Seamless Healthcare with Our App

Discover the future of healthcare at your fingertips. 

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