Elevating Healthcare Facilitators

The Backbone of Our Health System, Now Empowered Like Never Before.

Key Features

Empowering Healthcare Facilitators

Healthcare Facilitators, from ANMs to interpreters in medical tourism, form the unsung pillars of our health system. Our platform is crafted to honour, support, and elevate their significant contributions.

Personalized Member Management:

Access a dedicated dashboard. Monitor health parameters.

Efficient Referral System

With our sophisticated referral system. Connect members to relevant doctors seamlessly.

Secure and Direct Communication:

Stay in touch. Message doctors directly, update health statuses, and ensure a consistent care path.

Safety First – Secured Records

Trust in Drome’s advanced encryption. Share and maintain records securely

Ease of Sign-up & Joining:



Joining our community is just a few clicks away. No complications, no lengthy forms – only a straightforward sign-up process.



Drome celebrates your contribution with a free subscription. A small gesture for your monumental efforts



Drome stands by you from the start. Get introduced to our features and make the most of our platform

Bespoke Healthcare Profile

The linchpin of an intuitive healthcare platform lies in its ability to offer a tailored approach to member management. At Drome, we empower Healthcare Facilitators with tools that are not just comprehensive but also personalized to cater to every unique requirement.

Streamlined Care Coordination:

Navigating the expansive healthcare ecosystem can be daunting for members and professionals alike. Our platform’s Streamlined Care Coordination system ensures that Healthcare Facilitators can seamlessly direct members to the appropriate medical expert or service, guaranteeing efficient and well-informed care.

Encrypted Care Conversations:

In the realm of healthcare, where the sensitivity of information is paramount, it’s crucial to ensure communication channels are not only direct but also fortified with the highest level of security. Our “Encrypted Care Conversations” feature facilitates confidential and instant dialogues between 

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