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Leverage technology, expand your reach, and deliver unparalleled care

Key Features

Single App For Managing Your Medical Practice

Family Physicians can make use of all the features of app to manage their clinic and book appointments.


Appoint Clinic Coordinators to manage your practice.


Labs & Pharmacies to help your patients.

My Records

Save patient records for review & research only on Drome.


Ultra-fast Prescriptions to increase efficiency

Practice Statistics

Get detailed trends of your practice on drome


Get patient referrals on drome platform.

In app Messaging

Increase professional connect on drome.

Hassle-Free Start



Create account as a specialist doctor in drome healthcare universe.



Create Admin profile for your role(s) & add coordinators for their role(s).



Begin exploring unified healthcare at your fingertips, effortlessly​​ & efficiently.

The only Community and Platform you need to grow

From digitizing your practice to generating new marketing sources to serve more patients, Drome offers you everything you need to grow. Our platform has been made with your growth needs in mind.


A Symphony of Health and Well-being

The features on Drome Platform has been thought up and designed by Senior Clinicians having National & International exposure.You won’t need anything more irrespective of your speciality and location.


Together, We Weave the Fabric of Health

Register on our platform, explore our array of services, and conveniently schedule appointments. Attend consultations, manage follow-ups and treatments, and experience a simplified & continuous healthcare journey.

Unlock Seamless Healthcare with Our App

Discover the future of healthcare at your fingertips. 

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