In 2022, here are 5 reasons why you should go to your family doctor first.

1. General practitioners monitor your life cycle

The family doctor keeps track of your daily life cycle and can identify the fundamental cause of any illnesses connected to it. This also allows patients to contact them at any time during their hour of need. In the long run, that means you can establish a long-lasting connection with a family doctor.

2. They are aware of your family and personal history.

When a doctor treats you for a long time, it helps them make accurate decisions about medical difficulties. Additionally, as changes begin to occur in your body, knowing your personal history helps them detect illness and provide the appropriate treatment.

Says Dr. Rabovsky. “For instance, if I learn that both you and your mother had cancer when you were young, that raises a red flag. In addition to providing a screening plan for you and any other at-risk family members, I will advise genetic counseling.

3. A wide range of illnesses are treated by family doctors.

Your yearly checkup is performed by family doctors. However, they can also aid in the management of long-term illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. They can handle acute situations including accidents and sinus infections. They can help you during your entire pregnancy.

Additionally, they are also capable of doing small surgeries like emptying an abscess or freezing a wart. These are only a few examples; there are many more.

4. They assist in finding the ideal specialist when you need one.

A family doctor can assist in finding a specialist who matches your unique needs—and personality—if you need to see one for heart disease, cancer, or any other serious condition.

Here’s an illustration: Let’s say you require a specialist but are unsure which one would be best for your requirements. Since family doctors are connected to many experts in their region, it becomes simpler for you to choose the appropriate specialist in your area.

5.They can improve people’s lives while also saving money.

Utilizing a primary care physician for your medical needs will save you a lot of money because most treatments don’t require a lot of specialized knowledge.

For instance, a research on insurance found that in Rhode Island, a 23% increase in primary care spending resulted in an 18% decrease in overall healthcare cost. 

The addition of one primary care physician (such as a family doctor) for every 10,000 people may also reduce emergency room visits by 11%, surgeries by 11%, and hospital admissions by 5.5%.

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